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Turning Innovation into a competitive advantage

The Innovation Foundation is Ireland's foremost, independent expert in innovation and new product and service development. Thriving,innovation-active businesses are vital to Ireland's economic recovery. Business people, investors and policymakers agree that innovation creates jobs, wealth and wider prosperity.

Free Innovation Survey
Developed in conjunction with UCD’s Geary InstituteThe Irish Innovation Index synthesises all the international work in innovation auditing to create a unifying and robust, new framework through which Irish companies can evaluate just how innovation-centric they really are. Find out how you can drive innovation in your Company by completing this 3 minute survey now.

The Irish Innovation Index
Designed around a straight forward questionnaire of under 20 questions, this index will provide companies with an accurate diagnostic of where and how they need to enhance their innovation skills, processes, structures and portfolio to deliver tangible results.  

To read how this survey was developed, please download this article which explains the various sources of the questions and their significance.The Irish Innovation Index

Starting an Innovation program
Innovation is non-linear, it's risky and it can be expensive. The Innovation Foundation can help your company turn innovation into a competitive advantage; we help organisations grow through innovation. We help organizations make innovation systemic, predictable and repeatable. We are experienced at board level in all facets of innovation: Business innovation, marketing innovation, organizational innovation, process innovation, product innovation, service innovation, strategy innovation and technology innovation.

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Jumpstarting Innovation in your organisation
Set Innovation Strategy:
For many firms, innovation is at the very top of the corporate agenda; the problem is knowing where and how to start a programme that's likely to be both sustainable and also deliver top line sales growth. Every firm has innovation, as a priority but there's a big difference between a priority and a capability. We offer proven advice on how best to kick-start a successful innovation programme that will build both promising, novel ideas as well as an organisational capability for your company.


An Innovation Capability
Become Better Innovators: Although the innovation capabilities required by every organisation are different; the process for understanding precisely what's required is relatively straightforward. There is no unifying blueprint for innovation but there are ways to maximise your chances of success by optimising structures, processes, networks and leadership.


Hear how innovation works
Learn Best Practice: Sometimes hearing just how the very best companies experience transformational growth through innovation and how they do it, can really provide the motivation and energy your team needs to commit to making it happen. We offer workshops and presentations to the leadership team or to the entire staff showing just how innovation can be put to work for your organisation.


Managing Innovation Teams
Making it Happen: One of the very first things to do is to set up an innovation team. Innovation is too much for a single individual and too ephemeral to be devolved to the entire organisation. But when you set up the team they may need some guidance. For many firms, we lead the monthly meetings for a couple of hours every month; setting the goals; driving the agenda. Sometimes, being an outsider means that you are agnostic to the organisational dynamics and can just focus on delivering the outputs required.


Unlocking your organisation's creativity
There are lots of high-potential, novel, original ideas running through through the minds of your staff. Running a creativity session can be a very cost effective way to bring brilliant ideas to the surface and get them into your innovation team for action. A half day workshop is very productive; very enjoyable and will deliver many new ideas.