The Innovation Foundation is Ireland's foremost, independent expert in innovation and new product and service development.

Specialists in creating, incubating and implementing new business ideas.

The Innovation Foundation works closely with organisations to help them enhance their capacity to innovate.

Our Workshops

There are lots of high-potential, novel, original ideas running through through the minds of your staff. Running a creativity session can be a very cost effective way to bring brilliant ideas to the surface and get them into your innovation team for action. A half day workshop is very productive; very enjoyable and will deliver many new ideas.


Health Care

Innovation & NPD for Multinational pharmaceutical companies


Providing Colleges with a platform to launch innovation courses

Banking & Finance

Delivering process and organizational innovation into major multinational finance houses

Travel & Tourism

Working with Tourism sector to deliver innovative strategies for growth

Public Service & Government

Shaping and delivering innovation strategies across a range of Government bodies

Food & Drink

Helping national and international companies grow by leveraging innovation to deliver efficiencies and sales.

Our Clients

Some of the clients we have been delighted to work with in the past.

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